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    Our mission is to help the global community pursue lifelong education through sharing knowledge, developing skills, and discovering new ideas.

Menco Platform has launched!

Menco is an online social platform dedicated to the sharing of knowledge. We help our users develop personally and professionally, pursuing notion of lifelong learning.

On the site, users will be able to personalize their learning experiences to suit their own learning styles. They can socialize with communities of interest, connect individually with experts, and interact with others to make learning a shared experience.

Thank you for reading our updates. We sincerely invite you to try Menco for yourself, and experience the educational thrills of a 21st century digital learning platform.

It’s not about what you know but it’s about what you can do with what you know.
Tony Wagner
Member of Menco Advisory Board

Visit the live site!

The endless possibilities of education are waiting for you!

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